Two Cute Birthday Outfits

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Stinky Bunny LOVES tutus and all of ours are handmade in Calgary, AB. 

Each outfit includes a handmade tutu, a gold glitter TWOsie and a glamorous crown as per photos. 

The 8" tutu is sized length-wise for 2 year olds. However, the crocheted band can stretch to accommodate up to 4-5 year olds, the skirt would just be shorter and look like a real ballerina tutu. Hopefully you can enjoy your tutu for many events!

** Want a different colour or combination? Email for colour availability and schedule. Custom orders are accepted as time permits and are an additional $10 per set **

Stinky Bunny only uses tulle that is:                                      

  • Non-Toxic and Safe for Children's Clothing

    • Meets or exceeds USA CPSIA and Canada HPA guidelines for lead/toxicity levels

  • Soft to Touch and Less Irritating to Skin

    • Clothing-grade tulle has a finer mesh weave pattern and a higher quality nylon thread that is gentle on the skin.

Sizing: See size chart for band sizing and length specifics.

Tutu Care Instructions:

  • Shake upside down to re-fluff
  • Comb through with your fingers to straighten the pieces or untangle. You can play around with the different colours by pulling some forward and tucking some back to accent your favourites. You can also twist or braid the pieces to make different looks. Scrunching the tulle is also a favourite technique. It gives the tutu a little more oomph!
  • Hand wash, hang to dry and steam straighten as required. Please note glitter tulle will lose some sparkle when washed.
  • Tulle naturally curls up a bit with extended wear and movement. Just run your fingers through it to straighten it back out

ONEsie Care Instructions: TWOsie inside out prior to washing. Wash on COLD and air dry or tumble dry on LOW to reduce shrinkage.