Top 5 Things Families Should Pay Attention to When Buying Their Home

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This month's guest blogger is Trevor Foraie, a Calgary-area real estate agent. Picking a new home is crazy stressful so he's compiled a few tips to streamline the journey and help families find their perfect match!
One thing I’ve noted over years of working with hundreds of different home buyers is that families are a "different animal” in terms of home buyers! Not in a bad way, but I’ve found that extra care and attention, and oftentimes more “difficult conversations” occur when working with families as opposed to singles, couples, or empty nesters.
1. How close is the home to the school (or schools) your children will be attending? Further to this, if they’re close to moving into junior high or high school, what is the proximity of the home to those schools?
2. What is your budget, and is the budget realistic for the neighbourhood you want AS WELL AS the home you want within that neighbourhood? Is there a buffer worked into that budget so that the family has money leftover at the end of each month? If there is one thing I know about kids, is there seems to be an infinite number of random expenses associated with them!
3. Purchase a home that has been well maintained. The last thing parents want is to have to deal with nagging maintenance issues because the previous owner didn’t take care of the home! A thorough pre-purchase inspection helps immensely in identifying potential shortcomings.
4. Will the home allow your family to grow? The temptation is to find a home that suits your immediate needs, however, purchasing a home that works for your family in several years could help you avoid having too move again!
5. What amenities, activities, and open space is there close to the home? Kids need to play! You need groceries and access to transit! There is no end to activities kids are involved in! Having these, or at least some of these close to home helps cut down on commute time!
As different as each home is, so is each family. Your agent should be listening to your must-have’s and nice-to-have’s, but should also be providing suggestions that you may have overlooked. Your home search, the path it takes, and the home you end up purchasing, will end up being as unique as your family!

Trevor Foraie, MSc.
Realtor®, Century21 Bamber Realty
Cell: (403) 836-5406

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