#MomLife - Are You Running Yourself Ragged This Holiday Season?

#MomLife Holiday Season

My bestie and I had a movie date last week and we went to see Bad Moms Christmas. We spent much of the movie in tears from laughing so hard (Go see it! HILARIOUS) but the main message is that Christmas is TOUGH. Seems like so many women feel responsible for ensuring holiday cheer is on point. A prime example is the mad dash for the must-have toy of the year. Facebook has been plastered with requests for Fingerlings (anyone else look at those and think WTF?!) and people selling them to desperate parents at 2 or 3 times the retail price. It's insane but happens. Every. Single. Year. 

Harper is a November baby so despite being only 2 years old, this will be her 3rd Christmas. She was obviously oblivious Christmas 2015 and last year she loved being the centre of attention at the family gatherings but had no idea what was going on. This year I had hoped she'd at least get excited about the Christmas tree and want to decorate but she has zero interest. My mom has always done a wonderful job of making the holidays special for our family so I want Harper to grow up with traditions she cherishes too. What has become apparent to me as I have gotten older and become a mother myself is that the holidays don't need to be about "stuff", perfect decorations nor lavish parties. In Bad Moms Christmas, there was a light bulb moment where one of the moms realized her kids just wanted to hang out with the family and have a low key few days together. Honestly, our daily lives are crazy enough most of the time so why do we stress ourselves out so much about ensuring Christmas is jam packed too!?!

Happy Holidays

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  • Elle (CleverlyChanging) on

    I refuse to be overwhelmed during the holidays, it’s my favorite time of the year and my immediate family will be Okay if they don’t get everything on their wish list.

  • Anna on

    You are speaking my language. This year Christmas has been so busy but definitely fun because my kids and husband made it fun. Meeey Christmas .

  • Cheryl Oreglia on

    I love this blog – so true, you are speaking my language! Merry Christmas! ?

  • Chelsea on

    Nice post, Christmas season is always very fun and busy too. Well my mom made Christmas fun for me and I will pass it on. Merry Christmas.

  • Samantha on

    Christmas is always so so busy. I’ve been wanting to see that movie ! Kids tend to get so much more excited the older they get. My 4 year old is really into Christmas this year!


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